Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tracheotomy of the Daleks

"Come the f*** in or f*** the f*** off!"

Well then... Only one week into the Twelfth Doctor's run and we have already come face to face with the Daleks. While I have personally grown very tired of the Time Lord's most persistent foes, it's become a rite of passage for each incarnation to face them at some point in their run. With that in mind, it's probably for the best that time has come nice and early!

Having said that, I was looking forward to Into The Dalek. Instead of the standard yearly invasions of the Russell T Davies era, it would be wrong of me to accuse Moffat's tenure of playing the Daleks too safe and this story is not an exception. This time, as the title suggest, Phil Ford is taking us inside the Dalek itself, physically and metaphorically. I'll forgive you if you're having flashbacks to Lets Kill Hitler.

So how does this fantastic voyage hold up? While it's certainly not up there with the best of the Dalek stories, at least doesn't find company with the worst. It is - if nothing else - a different kind of Dalek story, but one which ultimately falls somewhere around average.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Deep Breath

After a long break of around nine months, Doctor Who has returned! With a new Doctor in the vaguely praying mantis-like form of Peter Capaldi, we're ushering in a new era. Steven Moffat has promised a different direction for Calapdi's tenure: More consequences, more drama, more darkness. A feature length episode, Deep Breath ought to be a showcase of this new direction. A promise. A statement.

Definitely an episode of two halves, I'm still not sure what I think of Deep Breath. There are parts of it which work very well, and parts of it which I think weren't very good at all.