Sunday, 26 October 2014

In the Forest of the Night

"I promise that I will never call an 8 year old girl a c**t again."

The episode preceding a series finale has traditionally been a lighter affair, or at least not bore much relevance to the story arc. A breather, if you will, before the roaring finale. It is also customary for these episodes to be a bit crap. In The Forest of the Night does not disappoint in this respect; unfortunately it's about the only front it doesn't fall on.

A car crash of an episode, I'm finding it quite a challenge to thread all of its biggest problems into a coherent post. So taking inspiration from the story itself, the best I can put forward is a meandering mess...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


"Clara Who" is a criticism I've seen fired at Series 8 on many occasions - that Clara has taken up a disproportionate amount of screen time and development. Intentional or not, Flatline takes this complaint and plays it about as literally as one can get. The increased focus on Clara hasn't bothered me as such, but I don't appreciate the reduced focus on the new Doctor which it has necessitated. Surprisingly, in the one episode which is explicitly light on The Doctor, this is not a significant problem - leaving us with perhaps the most satisfying episode of the series so far.

When the TARDIS lands in Bristol and begins to shrink, Clara finds herself carrying The Doctor in her pocket and the Sonic Screwdriver in her hand. It's not long before she blurts out "Doctor Oswald" and it becomes clear to us why she has been given so much development: By developing Clara, it becomes easier to see the dark and mysterious new Doctor through her eyes, and it's finally all starting to pay off here. A bit too late if you ask me, but you probably didn't.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mummy on the Orient Express

"Having an accurate wee into a moving train toilet would make a great round on The Cube."

Mummy on the Orient Express is nothing like what I was expecting it to be. I will try not to let my expectations to affect my ultimate opinion, but I'm afraid that's inevitable to some degree.

First off, I wasn't expecting Clara to even be in the episode following last week. I knew she would be back for Flatline, but in the synopsis for that, it stated she was separated from The Doctor, so I thought this could be a 'Clara-lite' story which would demonstrate - perhaps - why The Doctor needed her. I mean... after last week's fight between the two and the promise of consequences, there's no way that Clara could poss-

Oh dammit, why is she stepping out the TARDIS doors like nothing happened?!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Kill The Moon

"Sort it or abort it."

I was looking forward to Kill The Moon very much. From the previews and descriptions, I thought it could be the first 10/10 of Series 8. It looked terrifying, atmospheric, and we were promised an episode which would change the show forever. I for one have grown very tired of silly promises like that, but nonetheless a moral dilemma and some serious emotional fallout is always pretty cool.

To a certain extent, the episode lives up the hype. While still overstated, this really is the turning point of Series 8, particularly with regards to The Doctor and Clara's relationship. While not as scary as the likes of The Empty Child, it certainly has its share of scare. While not as gut-wrenching as The Girl Who Waited, the emotional thread is... Oh, you get the idea.